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Stuage provides personalized guidance for students, setting them on the path to success by helping them make informed decisions about their academic future. Our services enable students to make choices that will best support their goals, in areas including university and course selection, tutoring, career mentoring and more

University Admission

Stuage offers guidance throughout the entire admissions process—from university selection all the way through to admission to the chosen institution. Our consultation includes building impressive academic portfolios that emphasize our clients’ strongest sides, and approaching universities on behalf of our clients as their official representatives. We also assist with every detail of the registration process, from completion of required forms, to arranging accommodations for on-site university visits, and beyond. With Stuage by their side, students achieve the greatest chances of being admitted to their university of choice

Professional Portfolio

We team up with highly experienced professionals and agents with impeccable track records, allowing our clients to boost their portfolios and fulfill their academic and professional potential


Addressing the skills gap that is leaving graduate jobs unfilled and more than half of graduates under-employed, we partner with leading companies to offer our clients unique internship opportunities that are otherwise difficult to obtain. This gives our clients the opportunity to develop professionally by joining teams at local and international businesses, significantly improving their chances of being admitted to their university of choice

Global Teacher Recruitment

We are partners with more than 250 educational institutions and two of the leading online recruitment platforms. This gives Stuage access to a broad spectrum of educators who are seeking to travel for training and long-term employment. We offer local schools and universities the opportunity to recruit highly trained teachers, in addition to offering exchange programs for local teachers aiming to improve their skills


We organize academic and business-related events for public and private schools, and for government institutions. At Stuage, one of our central goals is improving the level of education in Azerbaijan. With this, we always encourage the participation of younger populations in our various events




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Founded in 2017, Stuage is a professional academic consulting firm. We assist students in every aspect of their academic journey—from applying and getting admitted to their university of choice, to successfully completing their academic coursework through personalized tutoring, to securing professional positions that will help them build a solid foundation for their future. 

Stuage helps students establish a clear pathway to their end goals through services that include helping them identify the ideal university for them, and assisting them with building the best course portfolio. Stuage was founded by graduates of UK universities who have first-hand experience overcoming the challenges surrounding studying abroad—including visas, admissions, accommodations, language barriers and more. These experiences prompted them to create Stuage in order to help others overcome the same challenges and realize their academic dreams with ease.


Toghrul Mahmudov

CEO & Co-Founder

Movsum Dadashev



Khagani Rustamov Street, 6

Baku, Azerbaijan

Phone: +994 55 600 70 25

  • “I am extremely pleased with the service Stuage has provided me. I was successfully accepted to University College of London for a master’s degree!”

    Tural Shirin


  • “Stuage has given me the chance to have an internship in the financial department of one of the local banks. After receiving valuable experience and practice, I have been recruited by one of the biggest accounting firms in the world!”

    Jahan Mirzayeva

    EY Junior Staff